ATN Top Climber – An Observer’s Review

I have been looking at these, very interesting observations


I had the opportunity to “witness” the ATN Top Climber mast climbing system the other day.  One of my boat neighbors used his to go to his masthead to install a wind instrument.  I stood on the pier and watched.

My boat neighbor climbing his mast in the ATN Top Climber

First, you can read about the system on their website here:

The system works by attaching yourself, via ascenders, to a halyard that is fixed in a static position. The halyard is simply a standing line pulled taut with your winch, upon which you climb with the ascenders.  You sit in the harness, which has a hard seat incorporated into it, and put your feet into the “stirrups.”

You sit in the seat, and there is a strap that goes behind. I think it must feel pretty secure while you’re in the seat.

You can see his feet…

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