I bought a new Propane Tank last year as the old one was very rusty, took a while to find one due to the fact that Allied Seawinds do not take the standard size tank, just a small 1.5lb one.

The problem is that the way the stern curves up so prettily doesn’t leave enough depth for a full size tank.

The owners group has a ton of posts on where to place a full size tank, but not crossing oceans any time soon I am fine with the mini tank, after all it just fuels the stove and lasts a season.


Anyway I noticed this week that the new one was showing some surface rust and needed some protection.


First job was to sand the base bright, I just used some 220 grit sandpaper that I had laying around.

And Spray some of this stuff on! I used about three coats.


No idea if it will work, but has to be better. Then Matt suggested that I add some sliced tubing around the bottom rim to keep the base out of the rainwater.

This was the type of nice, quick, instant gratification project that is rare on an old sailboat, but feels great!

The next one will be a bear I think…

However Should be out on the water again by Easter.


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