One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Every year I like to clean the cabin sole and give it a good coat of teak oil. This year I was down on my knees oiling and I noticed the floor looked a little soft…ROT!

Allied Seawinds’ have always had an issue with rot in the mast compression  post but once it’s fixed, its fixed forever. This time though the water seems to have entered around a leaky shower pan and from a couple of deck leaks around the port shrouds.IMG_3216IMG_3264

I was concerned about the head door rubbing but every time I checked the base of the post, where these boats normally have these issues, it looked fine. The rot was higher up in an area that was hidden.


So I started tearing out the shower area and found a lot of trapped moisture.


I ripped out the threshold, which was wet and I letting everything dry out for a week or so, then I will cut into the cabin sole to get access to the post and replace it with a new 4″x6″ White Oak Post.

More to come….

2 thoughts on “One Step Forward Two Steps Back

  1. I always have to remind myself that this a permanent repair not annual maintenance. She is a great “Little Ship” she is just reaching that time in her life that she needs some repair.
    I wouldn’t trade her for anything.


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