Back to Urbanna

After a wonderful few days in Fleets Bay it was time to roll back up the Rappahannock to the slip in Urbanna.

After taking Mojo on a quick walk and making some coffee we cast off at 730am. I wanted to get an early start as the trip would be 6 hours and we had to clean the boat and get back to Richmond for work the following day.

I was hoping to get some sailing in as we left the protection of Indian Creek.



However, the wind (Forecast at SW 5-10 kn) was not cooperating…

It was simply the flattest, calmest day on the Chesapeake that I have ever seen!


As we approached Windmill Point on a rising tide, I decided to all “wild and crazy” and cut the corner over the shallows.


Following the depth contours down the north side of the spit I stayed in about 12′ then gradually eased in to 10′ then 8′..

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 8.39.04 AM

With the water being glassy calm we were never in any danger, but we still had the threat of running aground. The spit is not flat and I don’t know when the soundings were last updated so I was pleased to have the Lowrance Fishfinder to give me a visual on the bottom. There were a couple of times when I had to swing back out to the east as I was getting a little shallow, but we popped out the other side in about twenty minutes.


in hindsight I would not cut as close in if there was any wind but I would “cut the corner” further to the east in moderate conditions.

After that adventure it was a simple run back home.



They never seem to paint the middle?


Helming advice from the Captain


Whitestone Bridge


“Happy Crew”

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