Boat Cleaning Weekend!

Spring is here and I hauled the power washer down to Urbanna, She was dirty anyway but the fire left a film of dirt/soot over everything.

It never fails to amaze me how power washing jet gets way deeper than just scrubbing. I should have taken some before pics but I was too focused on getting a ton of work done in a small window. So here are a few “after Pics”



Jean advised me to use this natural cleaner, it really did cut through the dirt way better than just water alone.


Finally I had enough time to compound and polish the aft end of the cockpit.


She came up so white. I know that I will never get a gloss finish again without paint but if I can keep from committing to painting that will be great.

Next job is polish the rest of the glass then paint new non skid on the blue!

3 thoughts on “Boat Cleaning Weekend!

  1. I’ll have to try the Zep, usually I just use boat wash or some soft scrub. Did you feed it into the pressure washer? Or spray and soak? Looks like it did a great job. I’m a week or two behind you, windows are next on my list as well…


    • Hey there, I feed it through the washer with the soak nozzle, let it sit for a few minute then rinsed with a 45 degree nozzle. It took a lot of the oxidized gel coat off too which will help make the compounding easier.


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