Boat Haul-Out and Spring Refits

Hauled Santosha out of the water three weekends ago! The Weather had been awesome so I thought I  would get an earlier start than in previous years.

I was glad I did as the old Doziers yard in Urbanna has been sold and the new owners were planning on re-building the lift starting in April. This gave me only three weekends to get a laundry list of projects taken care of.


On the weather front, it went from being 70 degrees the week before I took her out to being a high of 34 the week after…

After power washing I was surprised to see that the water based ablative anti fouling that I had tried held up very well over the last three years. She needed a coat but there was still a good amount on there. The bottom would have looked way better had I used her more last year. The prop was in better shape than I thought also, there were some barnacles but I was happy with the insta-galve that used last time.


The worst area on the bottom were where I had epoxied some blisters and not left the epoxy to dry long enough before anti fouling, my mistake for not reading the instructions and she peeled a little as she dried out.

We set to on the hull, compounding stains and polishing with Star Bright PTFE polish. This polish bought back a good shine and I hoping that the teflon in there will help keep the old gel coat clean. We shall see…


But the initial results look like it was a good choice. The Pictures do not do her justice.

DSC01237The following weekend was mainly prepping the bottom for the anti fouling and epoxying a few small blisters. We woke up to snow on the Sunday morning so we bailed on any more work that weekend.

Ill post the “After” results next week.

3 thoughts on “Boat Haul-Out and Spring Refits

  1. Looks great! I so multi-year with ablative too. This will be the second summer of paint, so I’m probably pulling in the fall. Good luck with the rest of the prep, it’s almost that time of year!! -jw

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