Putting her back in.

We had a couple of issues after we put her back in, the batteries were completely dead…

I finished up the deck painting at the marina while the batteries charged then came back on Sunday to motor her around to her slip.

FullSizeRender 10

When we got there i ran the bilge pump only to find a lot of water in the bilge, kinda worrying, we had a quick re check of all of the though hulls which were dry and after pumping out she did not take any more water on.

The last time she had that much water in the bilge the stern gland was loose and I had been meaning to put a turn on it for year so I dove down into the cockpit locker with big wrench and put half a turn on her although there was nothing coming in there..


I remembered that a couple of weeks ago when we got down to the boat the water pump was running and I thought the the pressure sensor had blown again, I quickly checked the water tank and it was suspiciously empty.

There was no water at the dock so I could not check for leaks but the pipes are old and the temp got into the 20’s for a few days so I think that i must have blown a line.

After four hours of no water in the boat I left her for a week thankful that Matt has a webcam.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.17.36 PM

The first three or four days I checked every hour to make sure that she was not down by the stern but then I grew a little more comfortable.

I am taking Pearce, my 15 year old down there this week with a couple of friends to go sailing… Should make for some good content 😉

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