Fresh Water Issues…

I replaced the fresh water pump last weekend, not as easy as it might seem due the boat yoga involved in getting to it but it worked well.

So I popped below to turn on the fresh water system to check for leaks. Finding the the problem was not all that hard it turned out. I flipped the switch and waited for the pressure cut off to kick in and noticed a torrent of water coming from the forward sink.


Turns out the the cold water shower line had popped off, or so I thought.


Turned out after several attempts to reconnect the line that there was a crack in the shower supply pipe.

I rerouted the supply pipe to bypass the Shower until I can pick up a new one, but while I was under the sink I had a crack at replacing the faucets.

I had purchased new faucets when we bought Santosha, but I had never replaced the old ones due to the fact that they were rusted on and I had many more priorities.

After a couple of hours, a can of PB Blaster, and some nasty cuts from the tails of hose clamps I had the old faucets off.


As it turns out I deleted the pick of the new ones in place, but I will add it later.

Now on to the Galley!

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