#TBT Repost of one of my favorite trips from a few years back! “And this is why the work is worth it….”

Memorial Day Weekend

After all the work I have done in the past few months, Santosha is not close to being “Re-fit” I still have plumbing and electrical to replace, however she is very usable so we piled the kids and their friends, and the dog , and Jean and I into the car and set off Friday afternoon.


The plan was that we would roll out early and try to make it to Dividing Creek, just north of Fleets Bay, about a 30 mile trip up and around Windmill Point. Being that Santosha only sleeps five the kids slept outside the first night.


I woke early on Saturday and checked the forecast. It had changed from NNE 10-15 1-2ft swell to N 15-20 3-4ft swell. Windmill point extends way past the marker and whilst I can clear it draft wise the waves can build up quote severely. in addition to the waves building up on the point I would be hitting the point and hour after low water with wind over tide. Needless to say I pulled the plug on that pretty quickly and went to plan B, I have no desire to scare the kids and Jean and the boat was pretty overloaded with six of us, plus the dog.


i let everyone sleep in, fixed pancakes, and set off towards the Corrotoman river. Matt had told me of a beach a ways up the Eastern Branch and I had been looking to check it out.






Pretty nice place to hang out for an afternoon!


The hook was dropped and I had a chance to put the outboard on in the water for the first time, and also see how Mojo was getting into the dinghy from the boat.

The Boarding ladder on the Seawind was very sensibly placed amidships where the freeboard is only 30″” or so and even with the occasional wake embarking and disembarking was pretty easy.

Beach fun with Mojo.






and the kids




IMG_1833 IMG_3758

Part 2 to follow.

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