Urbanna Fire

This was way to close, my heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives.

Santosha is fine although she was way to close for my liking. My friend Rob has family in Urbanna and they lost their 1930s cruiser. It had been in the family for forty years. Accidents happen but they are investigating this fire as Arson…


The Green Buildings in the background are the Condos that I lease the slip from.


ATN Top Climber – An Observer’s Review

I have been looking at these, very interesting observations


I had the opportunity to “witness” the ATN Top Climber mast climbing system the other day.  One of my boat neighbors used his to go to his masthead to install a wind instrument.  I stood on the pier and watched.

My boat neighbor climbing his mast in the ATN Top Climber

First, you can read about the system on their website here: http://www.atninc.com/atn-mastclimber-sailing-equipment.shtml

The system works by attaching yourself, via ascenders, to a halyard that is fixed in a static position. The halyard is simply a standing line pulled taut with your winch, upon which you climb with the ascenders.  You sit in the harness, which has a hard seat incorporated into it, and put your feet into the “stirrups.”

You sit in the seat, and there is a strap that goes behind. I think it must feel pretty secure while you’re in the seat.

You can see his feet…

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