Once we had Santosha back in the slip, I re-checked all of the fresh water pipes and through hulls. After we refilled the water tank I still could spot any leaks. I did find that my fresh water pump had blown, which kinda sucked.

So assuming that it must have been the stern gland we set out with Pearce and a couple of his friends for a quick overnight trip to the Corrotoman River a three hour sail from Urbanna.


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Soft Shackles

“Marlin Spike Seamanship” like electrical systems, has never clicked with me. I can do all of the important knots for sailing, Sheet Bend, Rolling Hitch, Bowline, etc. and have completed a few rough looking  three strand eye splices, but the double braid stuff and the decorative wrap never seem to work out.


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Anti-Fouling and Deck Paint

As luck would have it Petit Anti-Fouling was on sale at West Marine  a few weeks back, reduced from $179 per gallon to $120! Still very pricey but I was very happy with West Marine Brand water-based that I used last time so I grabbed a gallon.


I moved the waterline up by a couple of inches as well to try to take care of the barnacles on the water line.

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Boat Haul-Out and Spring Refits

Hauled Santosha out of the water three weekends ago! The Weather had been awesome so I thought I  would get an earlier start than in previous years.

I was glad I did as the old Doziers yard in Urbanna has been sold and the new owners were planning on re-building the lift starting in April. This gave me only three weekends to get a laundry list of projects taken care of.


On the weather front, it went from being 70 degrees the week before I took her out to being a high of 34 the week after…

After power washing I was surprised to see that the water based ablative anti fouling that I had tried held up very well over the last three years. She needed a coat but there was still a good amount on there. The bottom would have looked way better had I used her more last year. The prop was in better shape than I thought also, there were some barnacles but I was happy with the insta-galve that used last time.


The worst area on the bottom were where I had epoxied some blisters and not left the epoxy to dry long enough before anti fouling, my mistake for not reading the instructions and she peeled a little as she dried out.

We set to on the hull, compounding stains and polishing with Star Bright PTFE polish. This polish bought back a good shine and I hoping that the teflon in there will help keep the old gel coat clean. We shall see…


But the initial results look like it was a good choice. The Pictures do not do her justice.

DSC01237The following weekend was mainly prepping the bottom for the anti fouling and epoxying a few small blisters. We woke up to snow on the Sunday morning so we bailed on any more work that weekend.

Ill post the “After” results next week.