Sailing/Fishing Trip, Part 1- Urbanna to The Piankatank

Edward and I got down to Santosha on Wednesday evening to get a couple of chores done before the trip, oil change fueling up etc… There is always a great sense of anticipation, that I love, arriving the night before a long trip and this would be our longest afloat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.38.51 PM

Our plan was to sail and troll for Rockfish down the Rappahannock and anchor at Little Bay or Fishing Bay for the first night about a 25 km run. In fact we were not planning on setting foot on dry land for the entire trip.

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Back to Urbanna

After a wonderful few days in Fleets Bay it was time to roll back up the Rappahannock to the slip in Urbanna.

After taking Mojo on a quick walk and making some coffee we cast off at 730am. I wanted to get an early start as the trip would be 6 hours and we had to clean the boat and get back to Richmond for work the following day.

I was hoping to get some sailing in as we left the protection of Indian Creek.


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Fleets Bay Part 1: Little Bay

Took a couple of days off last week so that we could get out on the water one last time before the kids went back to school.

The plan was to sail down to the beach at Little Bay, just north of Windmill Point and raft up for the night with our friends Daniel and Karen.Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.54.44 PM

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First “Voyage” for a while…

Last year I was making plans with Rick from Middle Bay Sailing to meet up in Deltaville when he attends the Watkins Owners get together, but last year I still had not gotten the water pump fixed.

By happy coincidence our neighbor had just bought a used Bristol and had moved into Stingray Point over Memorial Day and I was dying to check it out.

Jean and the kids had plans and I was thinking about doing the trip single handed, when Edward called to let me know that his plans had changed and his wife and kids had gone down to Norfolk to stay with family, so he was available.

Seemed like a weekend cruise was on the cards.

Deltaville is about 17 miles down the Rappahannock from Urbanna on the mouth of the bay, and is the biggest boating hub in the area. Personally I am not keen on the place due to the lack of a town but the people are nice and the services are good, except for a surprising lack of really good restaurants, but it is a great destination to meet and sail from. All the Marinas seem to well run with friendly staff but I got a slip at Doziers as that was the location of the Watkins meet up.

After a Friday night aboard we set off around 930am to catch the tide down river. The forecast was for 5-10mph from the North which would give us a nice Broad Reach all day. The wind however was pretty nonexistent, and we drifted along quietly.


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Memorial Day Weekend

Part 2

Fishing Buddy Rob, texted me Saturday night to let me know that he was bringing his new 21′ Carolina Skiff down to Urbanna and taking the family out for trip. The ramp in Urbanna is in great shape but a little short at low water so I walked over to give him a hand launching. The tide was pretty low and we had to run the trailer off the end of the ramp to get the skiff to float off.


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And this is why the work is worth it….

Memorial Day Weekend

After all the work I have done in the past few months, Santosha is not close to being “Re-fit” I still have plumbing and electrical to replace, however she is very usable so we piled the kids and their friends, and the dog , and Jean and I into the car and set off Friday afternoon.

The plan was that we would roll out early and try to make it to Dividing Creek, just north of Fleets Bay, about a 30 mile trip up and around Windmill Point. Being that Santosha only sleeps five the kids slept outside the first night.


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Three years ago we purchased an Allied Seawind 32, a salty looking world cruiser from the 1970’s and re-named her Santosha, Sanskrit for “being content with what you have and where you are”


At the Slip in Urbanna Creek

Stern New

Re Named


Adventure Time

We are based in Urbanna, VA on the Rappahannock River.

We started this blog because when we were looking for a boat I found the best research on the pros and cons of a design was from real users. Also I regularly check out others blogs and sites to find how to restore and fix an older “Plastic Classic” Cruisers, so maybe we can help others learn from our mistakes.

The Chesapeake Bay is such a wonderful place to sail, yet there seems to be few sites dedicated to the region compared to the sites covering the Caribbean. I hope that we can show others some of the great local places that we cruise to and hope that other can share their favorites with us.

This site is new so please keep checking back as I add more content and projects from the last three years.