Boat Check Up and Deltaville Maritime Museum

Took the afternoon off and ran down to Deltaville today with a friend whose daughter was participating in a Wooden Boat building class at the Maritime Museum.

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Sailing/Fishing Trip, Part 2- The Piankatank to the Corrotoman

After a decent breakfast of Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwiches we hauled the muddy chain and anchor and slowly motor-sailed out of the Piankatank before the weather changed.


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Sailing/Fishing Trip, Part 1- Urbanna to The Piankatank

Edward and I got down to Santosha on Wednesday evening to get a couple of chores done before the trip, oil change fueling up etc… There is always a great sense of anticipation, that I love, arriving the night before a long trip and this would be our longest afloat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.38.51 PM

Our plan was to sail and troll for Rockfish down the Rappahannock and anchor at Little Bay or Fishing Bay for the first night about a 25 km run. In fact we were not planning on setting foot on dry land for the entire trip.

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