Captain Mojo

Capt Mojo

Rules Santosha, warding off great Blue Herons and Ducks, Not great at swimming and does fall in…

 Assistant Captain/Engineer Adam

IMG_0308 adam sail

Grew up Sailing in the UK. Was lured over to the US with promises of Chesapeake Bay Sailing. Aspiring to be a Boat Restorer, Mandolin Player, Cook, and Father.

We sail on the weekends, mainly daysailing as my wife and kids (below) learn to sail.


IMG_0293 IMG_1401




I also have a part time crew of “Degenerate Fishing Buddies” (not above) who help with maintenance in return for beer and a night on the boat playing music and singing badly…

Fishing FriendsIMG_2005


Edward and Rob




Ben, Mason, and Pearce

7 thoughts on “Crew

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  2. I now find myself considering the prospect of hiring some degenerate fishing buddies to take care of Meander. But, not being a fisherman myself (yet), I don’t have any (yet).

    And I’m not sure I could afford the beer (ever). 🙂


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