Memorial Day Weekend

Part 2

Fishing Buddy Rob, texted me Saturday night to let me know that he was bringing his new 21′ Carolina Skiff down to Urbanna and taking the family out for trip. The ramp in Urbanna is in great shape but a little short at low water so I walked over to give him a hand launching. The tide was pretty low and we had to run the trailer off the end of the ramp to get the skiff to float off.


With Rob all set we hit Virginia Street Cafe for their small but always good breakfast buffet, after which he girls all went to Mathews to do some shopping and the Boys hung out on Santosha. After a while Rob came back to drop off his folks and offered Pearce, Josh, and I a quick fishing trip. The boys jumped at the idea and we set off. This was the first time Pearce had gotten to drive a fast boat and his grin was huge.


We ran over to the northern side of the river to wet a line or two. Nothing much biting just Croaker and Spot, the boys caught a few though.

After getting the Skiff back on the trailer and seeing rob off, Jean and I hit the beach in the dinghy for a couple of teenage free relaxation hours. Beautiful.

We ran into a couple who had just bought their Benateau 34 back from Tangier Island, I asked about the weather as I was feeling a little guilty about not taking the kids up to dividing creek to hang with their friends. The Forecast did not look good then and I wanted to see if I was being over cautious. They told us that they “Got the S**T kicked out of us near Windmill Point with wind over tide and 3′-4′ seas. This made me feel a lot better about not going there with an novice crew and a bad forecast. I have seen people put off sailing for life by a rough passage and I have no desire to that.

Later that night we spent a lovely evening with Matt and Shawna ( plus some great Ribs) a wonderful way to wrap up a fun weekend!


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