Windows Cont…

Went down to Urbanna today to check on the windows after a log week of rain.


Not a drop…

Success! I went on and resealed the Starboard side but only after I had a shot at restoring them…

I read somewhere that you can clean old cloudy plexiglass window with a simple headlight cleaning kit. The windows on Santosha are so scratched up and cloudy that you can barely see through them so why not experiment?

The kit consists of several fine wet/dry sanding disks, some polish, and a drill attachment. It cost about $20 from Lowes.HLR

Its very important to keep the surfaces wet to avoid leaving scratch marks, I left a few on the first window, but the overall improvement was worth it. Here are a couple of side by side pics after I finished the first one.

IMG_2720 IMG_2721


The difference in the amount of light that came into the cabin we astounding.

Now onto finding the those deck leaks and restoring the Topsides!

2 thoughts on “Windows Cont…

  1. Thanks Rick,

    I didn’t use enough water in a couple of spots and I ended up with a little circular scratching, however the overall improvement was amazing. If I I had known that it would be that easy I would have done it when I bought the boat.


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