Sailing the Tides

This is a repost from the most excellent Keep Turning Left blog in the UK by Dylan Winter. Dylan has some of the best sailing videos on the web, as long as you love gunk holing. Growing up sailing in the UK planning around the tides is second nature and I still try to do it on the Chesapeake although the tides are minuscule by comparison.

Enjoy and check out his blog.

2 thoughts on “Sailing the Tides

  1. We are so accustomed to small tides and currents. These things have little effect on our boating lives here on the Chesapeake. However, when we lived on Puget sound, tidal range and strong currents were forces to reckon with. Spring and neap tides could be as much as 12 feet. Every pier is a floating platform, though we didn’t see any mud berths – too much rock and unfriendly shore line I guess.

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